Jack Vincent

Software Engineer on Outdoor Sabbatical | Full Stack (Java, C#, React, Docker) | Actively Reviewing Future Opportunities

Vancouver, BC
Available for hire


Canadian permanent resident seeking the opportunity to make a positive global impact through technology. Most interested in industries aligned with the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.

Several years of experience delivering working software for small companies to large enterprises. Involvement in all aspects of full stack engineering, deployment and operations means large scope business and technical problems are the most interesting future challenges.

Independent learner who has repeatedly shown the ability to quickly utilize new concepts and technologies. Enjoys sharing knowledge and prioritizing high value work daily. Seeks success in others through mentoring and loves to nurture a fun and inclusive work environment.

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Mar 18, 2019

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A simple leaderboard to gamify user journey efficiency.
TypeScript 0 0
Programming challenge submission for previous employer.
Console application for generating gene sequences from given parameters. Involves counting in any base.
Console Application for syncing folder structure into iTunes playlists

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